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Today, I’m excited to show you my latest creations fresh off the easel! So often, you’ll go to my website and see that everything is SOLD!? Well, I’ve been saving up a few special paintings just for you!
The journey…From portrait painter to landscape painter! 
My very first landscape was a bright red field of poppies. When I started layering the paint in broad strokes across the canvas, I was hooked!

The freedom of painting a landscape was exhilarating...

I could put a tree, or a flower anywhere I wanted...

I didn’t have to make the landscape look 10 years younger or 10 pounds lighter! 😝

Below are the paintings I have currently in the art studio, ready to ship directly to you!👇👇👇


Spring Wishes 48x60
Spring Wishes
48" x 60"
SOLD 11/1
Crimson Aspens 48" x 48"
Crimson Aspens
48" x 48"
SOLD 11/1
Upward Fall 36x30
Upward Fall
36" x 30"
Autumn's Vibrance 30x36
Autumn's Vibrance
30" x 36"
Hidden Gem - 48x36
Hidden Gem
48" x 36"
Serenity 24x36
24" x 36"
Peaceful Fall - 12" x 12"
Peaceful Fall
12" x 12"
Sunlit Gold 36x18
Sunlit Gold
36" x 18"
Poppies I - 16x16
Poppies I
16" x 16"
Orange Poppies 10x10x2
Orange Poppies
10" x 10"
Twilight Approach 36" x 48"
Twilight Approach
36" x 48"
Spring Rejuvenation 14x18
Spring Rejuvenation
14" x 18"
Poppy Field I - 16X16
Poppy Field I
16" x 16"
Spring I - 10x10
Spring I
10" x 10"
Spring II - 12x12
Spring II
12" x 12"
Spring III - 10x10
Spring III
10" x 10"
Spring IV - 10x10
Spring IV
10" x 10"
 Bonus #1
PostPalette™ Necklace Pendant
Created from paint remaining on my palette!
(retail value $195—FREE!)
PostPalette™ Necklace
 Bonus #2
Palette Knife
My very favorite painting tool! You’ll receive the actual knife that I used to create these paintings! 
Palette Knife
 Bonus #3
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