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Here’s what one of my collectors did this year: He wanted to surprise his wife with a painting for Christmas and commissioned me to paint her a poppy painting with a field of vibrant red poppies and a villa sitting on a hilltop. Tuscany is one of their favorite places to travel to so you can imagine her surprise when she’s handed a non-descript cardboard box to open and discovers instead of a blouse or slippers—an original painting inside

Major brownie points for her husband! ❤️

Below are a few pieces that I have currently available in the studio. I’m including FREE Next-Day shipping along with other Freebies (see details at the bottom).👇👇👇 

Sending you much love this holiday season! 


Spring Wishes 48x60
Spring Wishes
48" x 60"
SOLD 11/1
Crimson Aspens 48" x 48"
Crimson Aspens
48" x 48"
SOLD 11/1
Crisp Fall 24x18
Crisp Fall
24" x 18"
Touch of Crimson
Touch of Crimson - SOLD
24" x 24"
Aspen Giants 72x18
Aspen Giants
72" x 18"
Spring Life 12x20
Spring Life
12" x 20"
Upward Fall 36x30
Upward Fall
36" x 30"
Autumn's Vibrance 30x36
Autumn's Vibrance
30" x 36"
Sunlit Gold 36x18
Sunlit Gold
36" x 18"
End of Summer 48x12
End of Summer
48" x 12"
Upward Fall 36x30
Golden Light
24" x 20"
Upward Fall 36x30
Lupines in Spring
16" x 20"
Twilight Approach 36" x 48"
Twilight Approach ⛳️
36" x 48"
Upward Fall 36x30
Aspen Clouds I & II
8x8 each
Textures of Fall 12x12
Textures of Fall - SOLD
12" x 12"
Spring I - 10x10
Spring I
10" x 10"
Spring II - 12x12
Spring II
12" x 12"
Spring III - 10x10
Spring III - SOLD
10" x 10"
Spring IV - 10x10
Spring IV
10" x 10"
Poppies in Red 24x24
Poppies in Red
24" x 24"
Poppies II
Poppies II
12" x 12"
Poppies III
Poppies III
10" x 10"
Upward Fall 36x30
Regal Poppies
12" x 12"
Orange Poppies 10x10x2
Orange Poppies
10" x 10"
 Bonus #1
PostPalette™ Necklace Pendant
Created from paint remaining on my palette!
(retail value $195—FREE!)
PostPalette™ Necklace
 Bonus #2
Palette Knife
My very favorite painting tool! You’ll receive the actual knife that I used to create these paintings! 
Palette Knife
 Bonus #3
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